Diagnostics of the turbine actuator

In recent years, the electronic actuators have replaced the pneumatic actuators, and the lever for controlling the turbine VNT geometry is powered by the electric motor. Depending on the model and the manufacturer, we can test its operating condition, change the calibration or fully reprogram the electric actuator.

Diagnostics of the turbine actuator, service Zagreb Croatia

The engine is losing power? After losing power the diagnostic light turns on?
Diagnostics show the charge pressure error?
We have the solution! You don´t have to replace the whole turbocharger!

Garrett-Hella REA actuators are "smart" devices that include:

  • EEPROM for storing the parameters that determine the type and operating mode (Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM)
  • Mechanical assembly with the electric motor
  • Electronic assembly

Garrett-Hella REA actuators, service Zagreb Croatia

We are equipped to properly diagnose whether your electronic actuatorproperly communicates bi-directionally with the ECU in order to move the control lever at a certain angle and that way properly regulate the turbine charging pressure.

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