Dekarbonizacija motora metodom pjeskarenja

Dekarbonizacija motora metodom pjeskarenja

​Servis Pinjušić unutar svojih usluga nudi dekarbonizaciju motora - metodom pjeskarenja granulatom orahove ljuske.

reparirani Piezo diesel injektori

Ponuda repariranih Piezo diesel injektora

U Servisu Pinjušić možete ugraditi vrhunski reparirane diesel injektore.

servis i popravak turbine diesel turbo punjača

Servicing of turbochargers

The turbocharger is a special unit of the internal combustion engine. Each engine is designed to produce a specific power and torque based on the ratio of fuel, air and combustion temperature. Changing any of these parameters changes the engine power.

servis turbine bosch pumpe i ostala cesta pitanja
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A proper working condition, i.e., possible irregularities and malfunctions of turbochargers are diagnosed according to common symptoms and irregularities. We have selected a few frequent questions ...

Servicing of diesel units

Servicing of diesel units

The Common-rail stands for direct injection system in diesel engines, which is used in the most of the modern diesel engines.

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